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Tyrone Smith

Like many of you, I was born and raised in Alabama. I grew up in Eufaula and have lived in Eufaula my entire life. I started my law enforcement career by graduating from South West Alabama Police Academy and joining the Eufaula Police Department (EPD) as a Patrol Officer. I was very fortunate to find a career and vocation in which I still see honor and value. While at EPD, I earned the credentials to be a Field Training Officer (FTO), a Traffic Homicide Investigator (THI) and then an Investigator in the Criminal Investigation Division. I was tasked with investigating burglaries, robberies, sexual crimes and other felony criminal offenses. My job required me to interact with people during some of the worse moments of their lives. As a Law Enforcement Officer, no matter if it was the victim, a witness, a loved one being notified or the accused offender, how I reacted and treated those individuals mattered. I tried to be mindful of that every day I was on duty. In 2007, I left EPD and joined the team at the Barbour/Bullock County District Attorney's Office as an Investigator. I worked closely with other law enforcement agencies with a focus on serious criminal cases. I served as the coordinator for the Pre-Trial Diversion program. From 2015 to 2017, I represented the District Attorney's Office as a member of the Drug Court Board. This program is designed to help people who have drug related criminal charges or offenders who have and are battling addictions to drugs, alcohol or other substances. Starting February 2017, I have served as a Probation and Parole Officer for The State of Alabama Board of Pardon and Parole. For 22 plus years, I have dedicated myself to creating safer, better community for my family and those around us. On the date of January 14, 2019, I took office as your sheriff. My goals and expectations are the same now as it's always been and that's to provide this county with what the citizens deserve and that's someone who will constantly fight for them, provide consistent honesty and fairness,  and NEVER compromise when it comes to the intergrity of the law. 

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